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Classic Super Technology has commenced 2021 massive training on ICT, Security and Power related areas.
 Our offer comes with huge discount on any of the areas you wish to learn!!!. 
Mode of training; We train Online and Offline ( in our lecture halls).
You will be issued certificate at the end of the training!.

1) Advanced training on CCTV such as design, installation, Online and Offline tracking etc.
2) Training on Security Devices such as designing, construction and installation of different security devices at home, offices etc
3) Training on Solar powered Generators.
4) Training on Computer Assembling and Repairs, Hardwares and Softwares
5) Training on Computer Applications such as Statistical Apps. E.g EView, SPSS, MS Office etc. Architectural Drawing Apps, Engineering Drawing Apps, Graphics etc
5) Training on Special ICT areas such as Cyber Security, Data Science, R programming, Python, HTML, Blogging, Web Creation and Hosting, Animation etc.
6) Training of Electric Wiring such as Conduit and Surface Wiring
7) Training on Electronics Devices including design, construction and repairs.
8) Also, we offer training on Soap making.


Solar Energy are those electromagnetic radiations or heat and light from the Sun that can be transformed into usable energy. Such as Electricity. 

The Sun is like a great nuclear reactor. Deep in the Sun’s core, nuclear fusion reactions produce massive amounts of energy that radiates outward from the Sun’s surface to the earth crust 

Solar power is the power generated from the sun, comprising of heat and light that can be harnessed directly by semiconducting materials that exhibit photovoltaic effects or indirectly, by the use of Mirrors or lenses to attract huge amount of sunlight into a small space. 

Renewable energy and ICT solutions

We Design, Construct, Sell, Install, Repair and offer trainning on Solar Technology, Electric Wiring, ICT and Security Monitoring devices

We are the best in Solar technology. Such as design, installation and maintenance of Solar equipement.

We handle ICT challenges, Hardwares and Softwares. Also, we rent tools for Workshop and Seminars, such as Projectors, quality Presenteter,Power  Generators etc

We design and install security devices to monitor and offer other security services

Promo season!!!. We offer 15% discount on every service we render in this season

Harnessing Solar Energy to boost Electricity:

Solar energy is energy from the sun. it can be captured and transformed into electric power with various technologies. 
Here, i will concentrate primarily on Solar Panel. These are solar modules each comprising a number of solar cells that generate electrical power. The modules are installed to capture light and heat from the sun. the installations may be done on the rooftop, Poles or areas with high concentration of daylight.

In Layman's understanding, The solar panels on the rooftop of you houses are Photovoltaic materials commonly called PV. It's major function is to capture solar energy which is the energy from the sun and transforms it to usable electric energy, which in this context, Direct Current.

Utilizing the Current from the Photovoltaic Array:

The solar energy already converted to Direct Current with the help of silicon modules can be converted to Alternating Current by connecting it to a device called Power Inverter.
The Direct Current from the modules are channelled to a Device called Charge Controller. The primary function of a Charge Controller is to regulate energy flowing from the Photovoltaic array to batteries, control and monitor charging process. in order words, enable batteries to be charged by PV, block reverse current and prevents overcharge of the batteries.




Beware, a new fraudulent way to hack into a bank account known as SIM SWAP FRAUD has commenced!.

Three strategies involve;
1) Your phone network will display No Signal followed by a call. The caller will claim to be one of the staffs of your network provider (eg staff of MTN or Glo or Zain), that he is rectifying your network issues. He will instruct you to press 1 on your mobile phone to enable him rectify the error on your network.
2) In the second strategy you may not receive any call but, sudddenly your phone will display message and request you to press OK or 1 to continue
3) Third strategy involves encouraging you to click on a Link in order to join an event. In this strategy, the fraudster will text you a link to open either in chat on social media or SMS. After a while, the fraudster will call you and notify you of the events and encourage you to join through the Link.

>The truth is that if you press 1 or OK or join the link, your line will be SWAAPED. In other words, Fraudsters will automatically takeover all your Lines, take over your social media Accounts ( E.g Whatsapp, Facebook etc ) and impersonate you, send fraudulent messages to your friends (e.g encourage them to join network business such as Pay N20, 000 and get N40, 000. Beg money in your name etc)
>If you have registered your line for Internet Transaction or Mobile Banking, the fraudster will request for change of pin with the hacked number thereby clear all the money in your account, take over all your social media account and defraud unwary individuals in your name

whenever you see zero network on your phone, followed by a call or unusual message prompting you to press 1 or OK, please do not panic or press any number. IF YOU FOLLOW THEIR INSTRUCTIONS, YOUR PHONE LINE WILL BE SWAPPED, YOUR BANK ACCOUNT HACKED AND ALL THE MONEY IN YOUR ACCOUNT WILL BE STOLEN!.

what you should do to regain control whenever you witness this type of fraudulent act on your line, is just restart your phone or put your phone OFF, after a while, put it ON.
Secondly, if your phone SIM is on PIN, it adds strength to your security.

Converting DC to AC:

As we all know, most of the electronic, mechanical and electrical devices we use in our homes are majorly powered with Alternating Current, for instance, our Refrigerators, Televisions, Washing Machines, Electric Stoves, Air Conditioners etc. 
Direct Current can be converted to Alternating Current by the use of Power Inverter.  
A Power Inverter is an electrical device that converts Direct Current to Alternating Current or vise versa ( DC -AC or AC - DC). It comprises of many electronic components fabricated as single unit with two major connection terminals; Input and Output terminals.

In DC to AC Power Inverters, The Input Terminal serves as the connection point for the source power which in this context, Direct Current. It is where Batteries can be connected to, while the Output terminal produces the converted current herein refers as Alternating Current. Example of this type of Inverters are UPS for your computers and your home Inverter that uses batteries to power your Television, Air conditioners etc. 
Another type of Inverter is DC - AC Inverter( not the type in discuss here). This type of Inverter converters AC to DC. E.g. Phone charger, Laptop charger etc.

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Full security installation (CCTV, Shadow Detector Alarm, shadow Detector Light, Burglar Alarm ).....................N350, 000.000

Cost of full Solar generator installation. Both devices, Installation and safety devices 

1kva/12vdc...........N305, 000


3.5kva/48vdc...........N1, 380.000

5kva/48vdc..............N1, 680.000

5kva/96vdc..............N2, 250.000

7.5kva/96vdc...........N2, 480.000

7.5kva/120vdc.........N3, 990.000

10kva/96vdc............N2, 820.000

10kva/180vdc..........N4, 480.000

15kva/96vdc............N3, 890.000

15kva/240vdc..........N5, 960.000

20kva/360vdc..........N8, 920.000

30kva/360vdc..........N9, 920.000

50kva/360vdc..........N13, 820.000

100kva/2x360vdc....N24, 900.000

250kva/2x360vdc....N72, 325.000

500kva/3x360vdc....N102, 000.000

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