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Flash your mobile phones using these 5 methods

Mobile Phones Flashing


Whenever you see the symbol displayed on the picture above on your phone screen, it is an indication that your phone is on FLASH mode, either erasing contents and settings or updating your cell phone. Do not panic, just follow the instructions contained in this section.

Before flashing, make sure you backup all the needed documents in the phone else, it will be wiped!!.

In this section,  i will list five different methods. 

Before you flash your phone, please read through!!!


A)  Method 1 (All Phones)

If the phone application is still accessible,  just go to Settings,

Do Factory Reset ( depends on the phone model, for some phones ...just go to SETTINGS, scroll to Backup and Reset, click on Factory Data Reset then choose Reset my phone.

For some phones...Go to SETTINGS then scroll to RESTORE FACTORY SETTINGS etc) and reset your phone to default.

B) Method 2, ( Android Phones),

Put the phone OFF,

Hold down the UP or Down volume(depends on the make) of your phone while you press the ON button of your phone,

Do not remove your hand from the volume key until the phone shows Formating screen. Follow the information on the screen till the phone default screen comes up

C) Method 3 (Android Phones)

With your PC, Download Stock ROM or Custom ROM, extract the installation files.

Download and Install Smartphone Flash software to your PC, after installation, start the program

Click on the Scatter Loading icon,  locate Scatter File. It will be stored in the extracted Stock ROM folder. Start the Download process. It will launch Flashing procedure as well,

Remve your phone battery while you Connect your Android phone to your PC, hold Volume Down or Up botton. It will help your PC to identify your phone. As soon as Flashing process is done, you will see a Green Ring on your screen. Unplug your phone.

D) Method 4 ( Using Formating and Repair softwares

Download and install any of the following softwares👇

SP Flash Tool


Dr. Phone

Phoenix tool.

After installation of the choosing software,  open the installed tool and follow the instructions step by step till the end.

E) Method 5 (Iphones)

 Download and install Itunes

Connect your iPhone to PC.

Start iTunes.

Choose the icon of the device you wish to flash.

 Click “Check for Updates”. You will be notified of available update. 

Click “Download and Install”. 

Excercise paitience and allow the update to complete before you use the device.

Phone flash @owner,s risk

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How to purchase good quality phones

Good phones are good to own, though costly but they worth it. Many have gone through lots of pain emanated from deceit. Every phone producing company will like to sell their products no matter how good or bad it is. When it gets to the retailer, things become worst. Every business man will like to sell off old stock and get new ones.

Here,  i will educate you on how to know good phones. Before i go into details, hereunder are the reasons for making wrong decisions when purchasing phones

Sometimes, people prefer trending model of phones over others....

Some even buy phones just because of the company that produced it.

Some will even dial *#06# to check the imel number if it starts from 35 or not.

Some consider place of production first.

Some prefer costly phones. To them,  the more the cost, better the quality.

Considering the information above, many have been deceived and lure into holding unto wrong knowledge thereby made wrong decisions. 

When it comes to getting a better phone, two things need to be considered. First, quality then cost implication.

Whenever you want to purchase phones, buy from trusted dealer also,  make the following enquiries;

1) Google the phone to know the contents

2) Check the phone information to make sure it tarries with what you saw online ( you can check the information on the label, then put the phone ON, go to Settings, scroll down and select ABOUT PHONE or PHONE INFO). Confirm that the information there tarries with what you saw online

3) Check the battery. There are two things to check here: the AMPS (Good batteries should be up to,  at least 5amps but higher amps are preferable). Second thing to check is originality of the battery. In some places, original batteries are replaced with inferior ones ( the best thing is to purchase from trusted dealer or retailer)

4) Check the RAM. Make sure that the RAM is is up to, at least 1g, else it is useless. But from 2g up,  is good and higher ones are better. The higher the Gigabyte, better it becomes, smaller gigabytes contribute to Phone Hang. Phones require higher RAM when processing large amount of information.

5) Camera; make sure the MP is up to 13MP but higher MPs are better. The more the megapixel, better the camera. Modern phone comes with higher MPs, some exceeds 100MP.

It is important to note that, some companies produce better camera vision than others. That is why you can see a phone with just 8MP has better vision than phones with 13MP. 

6) Check Network strength. Is it 3g or 4g compatible or higher.  Insert your SIM, check network strength, make call in order to make sure it is working properly. Put ON your browser, check the browsing strength.

7) Do not buy used phones.

In Summary, It is important to buy phones from a seller you trusted. Make sure you access all  the information in this page and do not buy used phones.

Congrats...Now you are Informed 




Beware, a new fraudulent way to hack into a bank account known as SIM SWAP FRAUD has commenced!.

Three strategies involve;
1) Your phone network will display No Signal followed by a call. The caller will claim to be one of the staffs of your network provider (eg staff of MTN or Glo or Zain), that he is rectifying your network issues. He will instruct you to press 1 on your mobile phone to enable him rectify the error on your network.
2) In the second strategy you may not receive any call but, sudddenly your phone will display message and request you to press OK or 1 to continue
3) Third strategy involves encouraging you to click on a Link in order to join an event. In this strategy, the fraudster will text you a link to open either in chat on social media or SMS. After a while, the fraudster will call you and notify you of the events and encourage you to join through the Link.

>The truth is that if you press 1 or OK or join the link, your line will be SWAAPED. In other words, Fraudsters will automatically takeover all your Lines, take over your social media Accounts ( E.g Whatsapp, Facebook etc ) and impersonate you, send fraudulent messages to your friends (e.g encourage them to join network business such as Pay N20, 000 and get N40, 000. Beg money in your name etc)
>If you have registered your line for Internet Transaction or Mobile Banking, the fraudster will request for change of pin with the hacked number thereby clear all the money in your account, take over all your social media account and defraud unwary individuals in your name

whenever you see zero network on your phone, followed by a call or unusual message prompting you to press 1 or OK, please do not panic or press any number. IF YOU FOLLOW THEIR INSTRUCTIONS, YOUR PHONE LINE WILL BE SWAPPED, YOUR BANK ACCOUNT HACKED AND ALL THE MONEY IN YOUR ACCOUNT WILL BE STOLEN!.

what you should do to regain control whenever you witness this type of fraudulent act on your line, is just restart your phone or put your phone OFF, after a while, put it ON.
Secondly, if your phone SIM is on PIN, it adds strength to your security.

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