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Ethical Hacking is an act of testing and penetrating into a device and network in order to check threat and other vulnerabilities in the system or network.

The major purpose of this type of hack is to protect devices and network from individuals whose intentions are to steal from their victims.

An Ethical Hacker sometimes called White Hat is a person who deploys his/her hacking abilities to secure Data, Devices and Networks from criminals. They are professional hackers mostly employed by companies, Governmental and Nongovernmental Organizations for the

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purpose of securing official data and network from unauthorized third parties or fraudsters.

Black Hat Hacking; this is an act of violating network protocols and deployment of fraudulent tactics to break into a network without permission from the owner/s.
Since the development of electronic computers in 1950s and introduction of computer network within 1960s, people delve into these technological innovations thereby quitting old and manual means of information communication. Lots of criminal activities have been witnessed in this sector ranging from unauthorized breaking into network protocols to internet theft.

Black Hat Hackers; these are criminal elements that break into computer network unauthorized in order to manipulate the resources or exploit valuable information for personal gains.
Black Hat Hacking is an unethical conduct and illegal act prohibited by law with specific sanctions for the culprits.

Understanding Computer Virus.

Computer Virus..

These are malicious softwares designed to modify other computer programs and files by injecting malicious codes into them.
It is a self-replicating program that spreads by duplicating itself to other programs.

These Viruses are different from Viruses that attack living cells like in Humans and Animals. They are written codes capable of destroying computer resources Just like Worm, it replicates itself on files and applications.

Paths vulnerable to Virus Attack include:

1) System Directory; if System Directory is infected, Once the infected program runs on the system, the virus will execute itself in the program and manipulate File Path. For instance, you wish to open MS Word maybe to type or prepare a note and discovered that it no longer opens as usual. This is because the enabling file has been tampered wrongly by the virus. It can relocate or hide File Path.

2) Operating System; these are files that 

ICT Solution


Everywhere around the world, Information technology has contributed greatly to development. A lot of people are making income through this medium.

Classical supertech has vowed to contribute its quota in global development by enlightening the populace through this medium.

On this platform,  we will be training people on so many ICT areas such as

Computer Assembling/Building


Software Development and Programming, 

Computer Repairs,

Training of technicians,

We offer training on many Applications such as Microsoft Office, Statistical and Architetural Application.

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enable computer basic functions (E.g, Window XP, Window 10,  MAC etc). When Operating System files are infected, the system will no longer function properly, most times clash at booting.
3) Web Browsers; it can manipulate the enabling file by making it unreadable to the the system,  causing it to clash or inject Malicious Address Codes into a web browser causing the browser to open fake sites whenever the infected browser runs on the system.
4) Documents; virus can make documents unreadable. These could be saved documents in the system or storage drive, documents downloaded from the internet or transfered to the system through other means.
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Security Devices

Our security devices

Monitor and keep intruders away from your premises with our security devices.

If you wish to monitor your home or offices while you are away or to take charge of your sorroundings by keeping eyes where your eyes cannot reach. You are in the right place.

You need security gadgets like


Shadow Activated Lighting Devices

Speech Receivers

Sound Chasers 

Burglar Prtotective Devices

Window sensor

Door sensor

Smoke sensor

Security Alarm


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