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We are the best in Solar technology. Such as design, installation and maintenance of Solar equipement.

We handle ICT challenges, Hardwares and Softwares. Also, we rent tools for Workshop and Seminars, such as Projectors, quality Presenteter,Power  Generators etc

We design and install security devices to monitor and offer other security services

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Our services include; Project Design, Construction,  Sell, Installation, Repairs of solar related issues.

We are devoted to making our world enjoyable by powering Home, Office, industries/Factories with steady light.

With little money, you get your home  powered with 1000W to 500KVA.

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Security Devices

Our security devices

Monitor and keep intruders away from your premises with our security devices.

If you wish to monitor your home or offices while you are away or to take charge of your sorroundings by keeping eyes where your eyes cannot reach. You are in the right place.

You need security gadgets like


Shadow Activated Lighting Devices

Speech Receivers

Sound Chasers 

Burglar Prtotective Devices

Window sensor

Door sensor

Smoke sensor

Security Alarm


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Beware, a new fraudulent way to hack into a bank account known as SIM SWAP FRAUD has commenced!.

Three strategies involve;
1) Your phone network will display No Signal followed by a call. The caller will claim to be one of the staffs of your network provider (eg staff of MTN or Glo or Zain), that he is rectifying your network issues. He will instruct you to press 1 on your mobile phone to enable him rectify the error on your network.
2) In the second strategy you may not receive any call but, sudddenly your phone will display message and request you to press OK or 1 to continue
3) Third strategy involves encouraging you to click on a Link in order to join an event. In this strategy, the fraudster will text you a link to open either in chat on social media or SMS. After a while, the fraudster will call you and notify you of the events and encourage you to join through the Link.

>The truth is that if you press 1 or OK or join the link, your line will be SWAAPED. In other words, Fraudsters will automatically takeover all your Lines, take over your social media Accounts ( E.g Whatsapp, Facebook etc ) and impersonate you, send fraudulent messages to your friends (e.g encourage them to join network business such as Pay N20, 000 and get N40, 000. Beg money in your name etc)
>If you have registered your line for Internet Transaction or Mobile Banking, the fraudster will request for change of pin with the hacked number thereby clear all the money in your account, take over all your social media account and defraud unwary individuals in your name

whenever you see zero network on your phone, followed by a call or unusual message prompting you to press 1 or OK, please do not panic or press any number. IF YOU FOLLOW THEIR INSTRUCTIONS, YOUR PHONE LINE WILL BE SWAPPED, YOUR BANK ACCOUNT HACKED AND ALL THE MONEY IN YOUR ACCOUNT WILL BE STOLEN!.

what you should do to regain control whenever you witness this type of fraudulent act on your line, is just restart your phone or put your phone OFF, after a while, put it ON.
Secondly, if your phone SIM is on PIN, it adds strength to your security.

Impotance of Sun to human

We live on earth where we have day and night, eat and breathe good air and are kept warm. The reason is because the Earth is a member of the solar system. It is the gravitational force of the sun that holds the solar system together, thereby providing us with light and heat that are powered by nuclear reactions constantly burning in the sun. 

According to Wikipedia, The sun is the star at the centre of the solar system. It is a nearly perfect sphere of hot plasma, with internal convective motion that generates a magnetic field via a dynamo process. This unique star is roughly 109times the diameter of the earth, which means that about 1,000,000 (one million) earth could fit into it. It has also been recorded that the sun is young, part of a generation of stars called the “Population 1”, which are rich in elements heavier than helium. 

It is obvious that without the heat from the sun, the earth will be nothing than a lifeless ice ball. The sun warms our seas, stirs our atmospheres, generates our weather pattern, and gives energy to growing plant which is a source of food and oxygen. Therefore the sun is important to man, the environment, plant and the solar system 

The importance of the sun to living things cannot be over emphasized. Plants, Animals and human beings all benefit from this great source of light and energy. The plants depend on the sun for photosynthesis. Animals and humans depend on the sun for vitamin D. The sun is a natural aid for clearing up jaundice. 

Some of our natural minerals, for example, coal and oil are as a result of the sun. They are nothing but decayed trees and plants which draw their energy from the sun. the sun’s warming rays propels breezes which drives wind powered generators and its light power’s solar energy. 

The sun is also responsible for snows and rain fall, all thanks to its evaporation of water off the bodies of the water. 
Although, there are many benefits, too much of the sun is also harmful but that is just a small price to pay for the many good works of this very unique star. 

Advantages of Solar Powered Generator 


The world is slowly drifting into a world run by technology. Everything is almost if not easy and at our very own finger tips. This advancement has caused an increase in carbon related activities causing pollution, thereby making technology look like a curse instead of the blessing that it is. The effect of this pollution is very harmful to us and the environment and that is why there have been calls for us to embrace green and renewable energy.

Green energy is more reliable and cleaner than most of the other power sources available. This makes it environment-friendly and capable of saving you money, one of the green and renewable which is starting to gain popularity is the solar energy.  
 Solar generators are often a rechargeable battery that can be powered by a solar panel. Typically, a solar generator converts sun energy captured by solar panels into electrical power and then stores it in a battery. The stored power can later be used through an inverter.
The solar powered generators not only helps to ensure that you are able to have a reliable source of power should you ever be caught in a power emergency – it also helps to reduce your carbon footprint. Here are reasons why you should choose a solar powered generator over other sources of backup power supply;
No noise: There is no engine in solar powered portable power station which cuts out the biggest source of noise pollution that all conventional fuel-powered portable generators have. Also, there are no moving parts in a solar power generator – the shaking in a fuel-powered generator is another reason why they are noisy.
No Fumes: The carbon monoxide released by a conventional fossil fuel-powered generator is a serious health hazard which is why they can only be used outdoors and at a safe distance from any buildings. Solar power generators do not release any fumes making them the safest option, even safe enough for indoor use.
Environmentally Friendly: Solar power is one of the most environmentally friendly renewable energy sources. Using a portable power station powered by solar energy is much more environmentally friendly than fossil fuel-powered generators.
Low Running Cost: Once purchased the energy source is the sun, which is free.
Lightweight: The heaviest parts in a conventional fuel-powered generator are the engine, (filled) fuel tank and battery. A solar powered portable power station only has a battery which means that a lot of the generator weight is cut out
Availability: solar energy is more readily available in most remote areas compared to gasoline or diesel. You cannot run out of solar energy as long as you are in a spot where the sun shines.
Steady Running Cost: This is another cost related advantage. Solar energy is not subject to volatile price fluctuations like gasoline and diesel are. Once you have the solar power equipment, your ‘fuel’ costs remain steady.

Cyber Security free mode

The hackers


Ethical Hacking is an act of testing and penetrating into a device and network in order to check threat and other vulnerabilities in the system or network.

The major purpose of this type of hack is to protect devices and network from individuals whose intentions are to steal from their victims.

An Ethical Hacker sometimes called White Hat is a person who deploys his/her hacking abilities to secure Data, Devices and Networks from criminals. They are professional hackers mostly employed by companies, Governmental and Nongovernmental Organizations for the

Genuine Ways to make money online

It is certain and established fact that wrong investment equals misused opourtunity. Penury, conditions bad state of mind especially when we have needs to take care of. I believe you have been thinking of 'option B' or other means of getting extra cash to sort your problems which will be very convenient for you. 
Whether you are looking to make some fast cash, or you are after long term, more sustainable income-producing results, there are ways you can genuinely make money online. 
Here are some of the best and genuine ways to make money online in the long and short term period.
1. Affiliate Marketing: here, you can choose to sell and market other people’s product online and get a percentage of what you sell. 
2. YouTube Channel: We all love YouTube videos. You can start one about something you are passionate about and earn money for every thousand views on your videos. 
3. Logo Design: learn how to make trendy logo designs and do freelance work on many sites. You can find helpful courses and tutorials on YouTube. 
4. Instagram Marketing: All you need here is traffic and to get traffic you just need to be seen. Find a niche and upload photos on your Instagram account. Once the traffic comes, the money will too. 
5. Sell Photos: Here you have basically two options; you can sell directly from your website or you can sell via a third party. You can take photos and sell. There is more information on the internet on how to go about this. 
6. Write an Ebook: Write an in-depth ebook about something you love and are good at. Sell it on Amazon, Facebook, Instagram and other ad platforms. 
7. Blogging: This is all about creating a website and talking about the things you love, things you are good at and share it with the world. 
8. Social Media Management: You can manage social media profiles of celebrities who do not have time to run them, or any brand. All you need to do is to reply to comments and get paid. 
9. Start Online Coaching: Set up an online site and offer coaching for a specific niche you are good at. 
10. Create An App: Apps are great source of passive income but it will require the right app development skills. This requires a lot of time and investing money upfront. 
11. Email Marketing; Build an email list and sell courses and ebooks based on that topic. You can build this list by using many tools online like Facebook, Snapchat etc. 
12. Language Help: if you know more than one language you can help others by building an nline course and selling it on sites that sell courses. You can also work as a freelance translator. 
13. Auction Items on Ebay: You can sell items professionally on Ebay. Find the most successful Ebay sellers in your niche and model after their success. 

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